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Dirtopia Trails at Muratie




Annual permits only R750 pp for 365 days, are available at Dirtopia Trail Centre or online www.dirtpass.co.za .   You'll receive a small board that you must keep on the front of your bike. If you ride or run twice a month here, it is already worth your while to buy an annual permit!


Day permits are R60 per person per day.  This is for mountain biking or running or hiking/walking.

(Winelands permits NOT applicable here)


Watch the website & Facebook page for notices about social ride.

Permit fees: R60 per person per day.

Place: Trail head at Dirtopia Trail Centre at  Muratie wine farm.

Permits can be bought at Dirtopia Trail Centre. Permits available for online purchase at dirtpass.co.za


Ride up to 30km or more – LOADS of singletrack with various options to ride - go play!


When you get to know the trails, you'll be able to do more & longer loops for distance.


The "Never say Never Ending again" has 10km of continuous singletrack!


Here is the RIDE PLANNER for mountain bikers:


 From the Muratie Trailhead follow the ABC trail.

This green rated, easy route, consists of 3 sections and
runs to Gilloolys (A - 3.7km) and back (C - 2.7km) with an
optional 1.8 km forest loop (B) in the middle. A+B+C!

On the A section there are 3 blue rated
intermediate options:
1) Metuselah 1.3km,
2) Valhalla 0,7km and
3) Nebukadnezzar 1,7km
Choosing these options will increase your ride distance
to Gilloolys.
At Gilloolys you can follow the View Trail for
a shortcut to the longer loops of Bushtunnel (5.5km) and
Never say Neverending Again (16,5km) or first tackle the
upper forest loops accessed by Serendipity on the
aBc Trail.
Serendipity take you to Clapham Junction from where you
can descend back to Gilloolys via Smugglers Traverse (an
easy, aBc trail) or the intermediate Digger.

Thrill seekers can choose Full Metal Jacket, a black rated
advanced trail that descends to Jakhalspass and climbs
back to Gilloolys via Jakhalskloof and Little Jackal.

To get back home follow the 1.5km downhill Ho Chi Minh
section of the abC trail from Gilloolys flowing into the
1,2km Exit Trail.

Groups that are keen to ride are welcome to contact us for more info & bookings.


Make sure you join the Facebook Simonsberg Trails page to hear about social rides


 More information:

Trails are marked for various options to ride up to 30km (even more). A map will be available at the trailhead. You can follow the Muratie loop, Uitkyk loop or both...or add loop four that takes you to the top!


Muratie restaurant sell breakfast & coffee. Don't forget the wine :-)


Trail Runners are welcome to enjoy the trails too – permits required as well.

Remember to be friendly to all trail users and yield when required.

IMBA Rules of the Trail apply as usual.



Please note: riders/runners are NOT permitted to ride without a valid permit on these private farms and stay on the marked trails - you will be fined by the landowners, so please stick to the rules!  Permits are always required.


Future use:  We will also announce social rides and new trails on our website, Facebook, Twitter feeds – watch the space!


The Trail Centre is your one stop shop for trail & event info, outdoor clothing and trail supplies. Bike accessories & tools.


Since 1998, Dirtopia has been a key driver of the MTB industry through events, trail construction and profiling the sport. The Trail Centre continues this drive and is sure to enhance the fantastic Stellenbosch mountain bike trail opportunities even further.


 A special thanks to the neighbouring farm, Uitkyk for the use of their land!

Enjoy the trails...




Dirtopia Trail Centre is based on Muratie Wine Estate and situated on the singletrack trail head of Simonsberg trail network, that was designed & built by Meurant Botha. As founder of Dirtopia in 2001 and the non-profit Amarider, he has been a key driver for trail construction and development in South Africa since the late nineties.

 One of the historic buildings on Muratie is home to the Trail Centre (from mid 2019), just across from the wine cellar and this is where mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers can obtain the day permits for access to beautiful singletrack on the foot of Simonsberg.

 A range of trai  ls have markers along the way and split into loops for all levels of fitness.  All trails reach the junction called Gilloolys on the ridge of Muratie, with beautiful views of Table Mountain in the distance. Here is where the first loop can take you back to the start at the Trail Centre. At this intersection, trail users can decide whether they want to go further towards Simonsberg on neighbouring farm, Uitkyk with various options to choose from.


The ABC trail has been built with novice mountain bikers in mind and is an easy wide green option that (capable) children will have an adventure on. This track is marked with green arrows from the trailhead and at Gilloolys is where they can decide to do turn back for a 5km or go a little further to add about 7km total.

 For Enduro and Intermediate riders that need more distance and challenges, there are the black arrows to follow. At the middle loop there is the split option to go to the highest point on the network called the “Never-say-never-ending-again trail”; that gives intermediate mountain bikers a 10km continious singletrack experience with spectacular views of the Cape on a clear day! Total distance is up to the rider, as the options can give 2-3hours of true mountain biking. Adding loop 3 to loop 1 total about 12km to 15km (depending which option the rider/runner take. Adding loop 4 to both can be 26-35km.


Hikers have their own circular 3.5km hiking trail that has over 220 hand-built steps and reach the viewpoint at Gilloolys as well. From here hikers can walk a bit further , via View trail to Jakhalskloof and back to Gilloolys.


Keep an eye on Dirtopia social media pages for announcements on extended trail hours for the popular sunset hikes that are held once a month from Oct - March. Normally around full moon time with a Muratie wine station at the picnic spot!


The Trail Centre is your one stop shop for trail & event info, bike accessories, outdoor clothing, and trail supplies.  Snacks and cold drinks to enjoy on the tables outside before or after your activity.  Open from 8am on weekend mornings and even earlier in high summer. Closing around 2pm, depending on the demand, but you are welcome to make an appointment as well, especially during the week. Enquiries welcome TEXT 0783433572 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Permits for the marked hiking, running & mountain bike trails are R60 per person per day (R30 for kids under 12) and there is a map available at the Trail Centre. When you get to know the trails, you'll be able to do more & longer loops for distance.


There are Snapscan & Zapper codes on the Trail Centre windows and permits can also be bought online at dirtpass.co.za HERE. Annual permits can be bought for R750 at the Trail Centre or online. Valid 365 days. Small board must be collected to display on the front of the bike/in your pocket. Annual permits must sign in at the Trail Centre for safety.

 Meurant leads regular social rides from Muratie, mostly on Sunday mornings. Check the social ride page or social media channels for dates.

  Outdoor events like trail running and mountain biking are also activated – see the events link on the website for the calendar updates.


Ride, run or hike through the Simonsberg Trail system on any day of the week, but remember to get your permit and sign the indemnity at the Trail Centre before you start.  At Muratie there are magnificent singletracks that are easy enough for beginners to try, but tricky enough for intermediate & experienced riders to have some playtime! Remember to be friendly to all trail users and yield when required. IMBA Rules of the Trail apply.


Best is to end your adventure at the Farm Kitchen at Muratie for breakfast (& great coffee) or lunch and of course the wine!

 Tag @Dirtopia and @Muratie after your next Adventure on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. #Simonsbergtrails

 There are Facebook pages for Simonsberg Trails and Dirtopia Trail Centre as well.


Please note: riders/runners are NOT permitted to be here without a valid permit on these private farms and must stay on the marked trails only - you will be fined by the landowners, so please stick to the rules!  Permits are always required.





Latest News

Visit our Trail Centre at Muratie Wine Estate 

Please text for opening hours: 


Upcoming events:

14 July Wine Adventure @ Warwick

27 July Retro Rouge Wine Walk @ Muratie

28 July Buffalo Ride @ Muratie

28 August Change of Season Trail Run @ Le Bonheur